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We believe in more than just providing top-notch electrical solutions; we embrace a family approach that sets us apart. This approach goes beyond transactions and focuses on building lasting relationships with our clients.

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Upgrade safety and convenience with our full-house rewiring service.


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At Arechiga Power, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality in every project we undertake, ensuring that our craftsmanship speaks for itself. Our commitment extends beyond excellence; we approach communication with a positive attitude, fostering trust and providing a foundation for our clients to not only rely on us but also to grow with us. We believe in being more than just a service provider; we aim to be your trusted partner, offering not only quality work but also a platform to share innovative ideas and thoughts with the public, contributing to mutual growth and success.

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At Arechiga Power, we specialize in delivering top-notch quality work, paired with a positive and engaging attitude in our communication with clients. We don’t just offer services; we invite you to use us as a partner for future success.
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What signs indicate that I may need electrical services?
If you’re experiencing frequent tripping of circuit breakers, flickering lights, or outlets that feel warm to the touch, these could be signs of electrical issues. Additionally, outdated wiring, the presence of burning smells, or sparks should prompt you to seek professional electrical services.
How do I know if my electrical system is safe and up to code?
Ensuring the safety and compliance of your electrical system involves regular inspections by a qualified electrician. Signs of an unsafe system include exposed wiring, overloading of circuits, or the use of outdated components. Upgrading to meet current electrical codes is crucial for maintaining a safe environment.
What types of electrical services do you offer, and how can they benefit my home or business?
Our comprehensive electrical services include panel upgrades, wiring inspections/rewiring, lighting installations, and more. These services not only enhance the safety of your property but also improve energy efficiency, potentially lowering utility costs. Our skilled technicians tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring a reliable and optimized electrical system.
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High Value Deal

Investing in a sub-panel upgrade is a proactive step towards ensuring a reliable, safe, and efficient electrical system for your home or business.

Sub panel upgrades

$3,899 / plus tax

It’s time to power up with our exclusive Sub-Panel Upgrade Deal at Arechiga Power Electrical.

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